TTI 2022 Information Page

The 2022 TTI provides, on a competitive basis, flexible funding awards to states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories to strengthen innovative programs on the following topics:

  1. Special Populations: In listening to states and territories discuss their ongoing behavioral health improvement efforts with special populations, this topic was identified to ensure their needs are met in the continued development of 988 and crisis services response.
  2. Workforce: In listening to states and territories discuss their ongoing workforce challenges throughout the behavioral health system, this topic was identified to support creative strategies and initiatives throughout continued development of 988 and crisis services response.
  3. Children and Adolescents: In listening to states and territories discuss the ongoing behavioral health needs of children and adolescents, this topic was identified to support developmentally appropriate services that engage families and youth throughout the development of 988 and crisis services response.

For any questions or concerns please contact tticontact[at]


Deliverables Date Information
Monthly Reports 1st of each month

Please submit two versions of your monthly report: one word document and one PDF. Remember: your PDF monthly report will serve as your invoice, so make sure it is signed. Downloads of template of monthly report for:

Monthly Call Monthly

Each month you will meet virtually with NASMHPD’s TTI team and their subject matter experts to provide an update on your work and coordinate TA.

Snapshot Report August 2022

EIn August 2022 you will be asked to submit a brief report summarizing your work thus far.

Template can be found HERE


Meet and Greets

NASMHPD hosts meet and greets to encourage networking and collaboration between TTI participant. This year meet and greets will take place on 17th and 18th of March and February.

Information Exchanges

NASMHPD hosts virtual information exchanges monthly for TTI participants and their partners. Topics and presenters will be chosen that directly relate to your work in 988 readiness and crisis services.

  • American Indian/Alaska Native Information Exchanges
    • The Roots of Understanding Tribal Relations, Part I: Presented by retired Captain Andy Hunt and Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor at Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, Dolores Jimerson: View Here.
    • The Roots of Understanding Tribal Relations, Part II: View Here.
    • Making Relatives: Healing Soul Wounds: Presented by retired Captain Andy Hunt, Dolores Jimerson, and Joan Gillece: View Here.
      • Making Relatives: Trauma-Informed Care Video: View Here.
      • Making Relatives: A guide for Healing Soul Wounds: View Here.
  • LGBTQIA+ Information Exchanges
  • Workforce Information Exchanges
    • Healing People Healing People: iTells the stories of first responders, police, peer supporters, families and individuals served who have experienced crisis services first hand. View Here.
    • Overcoming Barriers and Recognizing the Unique Value of Including Peer Support Specialists with Prior Justice Involvement in Recovery: With Amy Brinkley, Tony Sanchez, Justin Volpe, and Debra A. Pinals, MD: View Here.
    • Personal Experience and Strategies: A Dialogue on Recovery Workforce Barriers and Solutions: Presented by Justin Volpe and Amy Brinkley: View Here.
    • Creating a Compassionate Crisis Response Workforce: Presented by Joan Gillece, Richard Bebout, and Jo Ann Wallace: View Here.
      • B'More Kind: View Here.
    • Supporting the Behavioral Health Workforce: Enhancing Immune Health: Presented by Peggy Swarbrick and Jessica Jonikas: View Here.
      • Enhancing Immune Health Curriculum: View Here.
      • Wellness In Recovery Quiz: View Here.
      • Journey to wellness Guide: View Here.
      • Wellness Training Learning Collaborative: View Here.
    • Engaging Religious Communities in Crisis Prevention and Response. Presented by Neelley Hicks: View Here.
      • Rev. Hicks and her colleagues developed faith-based TAMAR supplements to serve the mental health support gap within Jewish, Muslim, Native American and Christian communities: View Here.
      • Triumph over Trauma Website: View Here.
  • Children and Adolescents Information Exchanges
    • Understanding and Planning for Children’s Mobile Crisis: A Conversation with Elizabeth Manley: View Here.
    • Elevating Youth Voices: Presented by Youth Program Specialist Shayn MacDonald and Youth Program Coordinator Lydia Proulx of Youth MOVE: View Here.