Transformation Transfer Initiative (TTI) 2021 Resource Guide

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NASMHPD developed a Resource Guide to support the work of the 2021 SAMHSA Transformation Transfer Initiative (TTI) awardees. The Guide, separated into three Folios based on the 2021 topics - Bed Registries and Behavioral Health Crisis Services, Diversion from Jail, and Improving Mental Health Services within Jails - includes guidance, best practices and noteworthy examples in areas that states and territories have had challenges or seen opportunities. Each Folio includes a variety of topics that affect every TTI project—including trauma informed resources, addressing health disparities and inequities, peer support, faith-based resources, rural behavioral health resources, 988 readiness—and then delves into more specific resources based on the folio subject.   Bed Registries and Behavioral Health Crisis Services folio has a section dedicated specifically to states and territories implementing Service Registries, working to create or enhance service registries in their states. This Folio includes the experiences of 23 previous TTI Registry participants and is intended to guide states as they build coalitions, organize services, and ultimately launch registries.   Diversion from Jail folio includes resources for prevention, intervention, diversion and services in jails and post detention and provides information on these topics and models such as Crisis Now and LEAD that have helped many states.   Improving Mental Health Services within Jails folio includes the resources from the Diversion from Jail folio and is intended for states who are working to implement programs within jails or programs for individuals who are re-entering into the community. It includes published papers on medication programs in jails and states re-entry programs that have found success.  



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