TA Coalition Webinar: Trauma Informed Practices in Schools: Understanding Racial Trauma and Cultivating Wellness

A SAMHSA sponsored webinar presented by Mental Health America took place Thursday, July 22, 2021 from 2:30-4:00pm Eastern Time called “Trauma Informed Practices in Schools: Understanding Racial Trauma and Cultivating Wellness”. 


Description:  Trauma can lead to a variety of negative cognitive, emotional, and behavioral outcomes that affect student learning and performance. Educational environments that lack racial and ethnic diversity (among students, teachers, and/or administrators) are often unaware of the impact of racial trauma and how different cultures respond to trauma. When administrators and school staff understand the role of systemic oppression in and out of schools, they can create an environment that is healthier for the whole community. 


This webinar will explore:

•The importance and benefits of racial trauma-informed classrooms, schools, and districts;

•The core components of a trauma-informed professional development curriculum that has race equity embedded into each module;

•Best practices in cultivating healing and wellness in schools; 

•And how to get started on making your own school or district more trauma-informed, equitable, and wellness-centered. 



•Dr. Jamie Freeny – Director, Center for School Behavioral Health, Mental Health America of Greater Houston

•Dr. Art McCoy – Jennings School District Superintendent Emeritus & Saint Louis University Distinguished Fellow


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kelle Masten via email at kelle.masten@nasmhpd.org.


Thank you!


**We do not offer CEU credits however you will be able to download a letter of attendance during the evaluation, after the webinar is over.  

***Closed-captioning is available for this webinar.