TA Coalition Webinar: SBIRT in Mental Health Settings

People with mental health conditions are more likely to experience risky drug and alcohol use and substance abuse conditions. This webinar will address the data that substantiates the link between mental health and addictions and the core competencies needed to implement an SBIRT protocol in mental health settings (including screening, brief intervention, integrating BI into existing clinical practice, enhancing workflows to include SBIRT, and best practices for referral). The topic areas covered by this webinar include:

  • Statistics/Data on Effectiveness ofSBIRT.
  • Rationale for support of SBIRT by federal, state and local governments and publicinsurance.
  • Continuum of use of alcohol including rates of non-use, low risk use, risky use anddependent use in theUS; Discussion of risky and harmful limits daily and weekly.
  • Overview of SBIRT major components, Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral toTreatment.
  • Evidence based screening tools.
  • Strategies to integrate the SBIRT protocol into mental health services.