TA Coalition Webinar: Peer-Run Respites: Effective Alternatives to Hospitals

Leaders of Peer-run Respites from around the country will provide an overview of Peer-run Respites and how they voluntarily engage people and offer a continuity of care which is often unavailable with traditional care and hospitalization. Success stories will be shared, along with reports from the latest research on Peer-run Respite effectiveness.


·         Daniel B. Fisher, MD, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer, National Empowerment Center, Inc.

·         Bevin Croft, M.A., M.P.P., Human Services Research Institute

·         Laysha Ostrow, Ph.D., M.P.P. – Live & Learn, Inc.

·         Val Neff, CPS - Certified Peer Specialist and works with NAMI Fox Valley as the House Manager at Iris Place Peer Run Respite

·         Camille Dennis – Program Coordinator, SHARE! (the Self-Help and Recovery Exchange)

·         Jayme Lynch – Director of First Peer Support and Wellness Center in Decatur, GA

·         Roslind Hayes – Statewide Coordinator of the Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Centers (PSWRC)

·         Steve Miccio – Executive Director, Projects to Empower and Organize the Psychiatrically Labeled, Inc. (PEOPLe, Inc.)


·         Oryx Cohen - the Chief Operating Officer and Technical Assistance Center Director for the National Empowerment Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts.