TA Coalition Webinar: National Certification for Adult and Parent/Family Peers

Across the country, various states have developed independent standards for peer support certification. Due to the variability of these certifications, and with increasing interest and support from private health sectors, there has been a call to develop a national credential that maintains the highest levels of skills, education and experience.

This webinar will explore two models of National Peer Certification, one designed for Adult Peers and one designed for Parent/Family Peers. Mental Health America will share its work to develop the first fully accredited certification program for adult mental health peer support specialists qualified to work in both public and private whole health practices and the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health will describe their work in developing the only national certification for Parent/Family peers and their current efforts in the development of reciprocal agreements with states to ensure the portability of this credential.

The webinar will touch on the history of these certifications and provide an overview of the standards, requirements, examinations and processes for maintaining certification. The rigorous processes that are required to develop a national certification will be described as will the requirement for “lived experience”, which is the cornerstone for both certifications.

Individuals will learn how they can become national Peer Support Specialists and organizations will learn about the resources available from both organizations, including the most recent evidence on the efficacy of peer services, marketing materials and news from the front lines.