TA Coalition Webinar: Is it Real or Not Real - Do I Have Psychosis?


If you think your brain is playing tricks on you – you’re not alone. We’ve created a webinar to help guide you or someone you know through what might be some confusing experiences.


You will learn:

  • What is psychosis?

  • How we developed tools to identify if someone was at risk of developing psychosis.

  • How people are turning to the internet and technology to get help and information.

  • And what are some personal experiences from someone who struggled with psychosis and found help.

  • Providers and advocates will gain knowledge on up to date training on current status of identifying and supporting young people who are experiencing psychosis for the first time.


  • Rachel Loewy, UCSF

  • Theresa Nguyen, MHA

  • Chantel Garrett

  • Carlos Larrauri, Partners 4 Strong Minds.