TA Coalition Webinar: Ensuring Stakeholder and Family Engagement in Organizational Oversight of Community Behavioral Health Services

Adults, youth and children with lived experience and families of those affected by mental illness and behavioral health challenges have emerged as some of the leading voices in the modern day development of comprehensive resilience and recovery services across the U.S. In fact, some behavioral health payers in today’s health care arena are now requiring states and organizations to diversify the stakeholder groups that contribute to and govern overall program development and implementation. This webinar will explore how organizations can incorporate consumer, family and community perspectives in organizational decision making, and the role states can have to encourage behavioral health organizations to include consumers, families and community partners perspectives’ in governance and decision making through formal and informal mechanisms.


Join this on June 13, 2016, from 2-3:30 PM ET to learn strategies you can use to engage families, consumers, and other community-based stakeholder voices in the development of behavioral health programs. Our expert panel will discuss effective outreach, approaches for engagement, potential challenges and barriers, and tactics to solicit and utilize valuable feedback.