TA Coalition Webinar: Employment and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions: Increasing Employment and Career Opportunities

Description Outline:

  1. What’s different about young adults with mental illness

    1. Young adult life

      1. Technology

      2. Substance abuse and use

      3. Economic uncertainty and labor markets

      4. Family formation

      5. Values- tolerance and sensitivity

    2.  Systemic issues  

      1.  Experience of education as adolescents

      2. “Aging out” process

      3.  Adult system not meeting developmental needs

    3. Individual challenges faced by young adults with SMI

      1. Low self-efficacy

      2. Incomplete education

      3. Lack of work experience

    4. First episode v transition mental illness

  2. Employment supports and young adults

    1. Supported employment and related models

    2. Vocational rehabilitation model

    3. Internships

    4. Preferences of young adults

      1. Employment [search] preparation

      2. Family support

      3. Education

  3. The necessary and growing role of the employer

    1. Organizational Culture and Framework

      1. Accepting and supporting presence young people with SMI

      2. Diversity lens

    2. Best practices, egs.,

      1. Supervision

      2. Staff orientation and training

      3. Reasonable accommodation framework, assess difficulties with functions not symptoms

      4. Building young adult resilience and soft skills

    3. Incentives for employers

  4. Special case- peer mentors