TA Coalition Webinar: Creating Systems for Individuals Who Experience Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities

Actual Webinar Title: “Creating Systems Change in the Provision of Services and Supports to Individuals Who Experience Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities”


State systems continue to search for solutions in the provision of services and supports for individuals who experience co-occurring mental illness and intellectual disabilities. Diagnostic, fiscal, and programmatic challenges create the need for comprehensive planning to ensure that the most appropriate services are created in the most cost-effective manner.

This webinar will explore one state’s response to this population through expert diagnostics, holistic planning, and creative funding. With a class action lawsuit as the catalyst, North Carolina created community-based services and supports for over 1000 individuals utilizing Person Centered Planning as the guiding principle. North Carolina further created funding mechanisms that allowed Medicaid to be expanded to support a group of individuals not previously to have been considered for waiver funds.

The webinar will also offer insights into how the state developed and trained providers in the provision of appropriate services and supports in community-based settings to a group of individuals who had been institutionalized, many for over 30 years.

Join us as Dr. Lynda Gargan and Tara Larson, two of the principles in the implementation of these efforts, share the successes and lessons learned from this endeavor.