Preparing the Adult Mental Health Workforce to Succeed in a Transformed System of Care


The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors has developed a set of training materials that are designed to be used in the training of direct care staff who work in 
in-patient and community residential adult mental health treatment settings.  The impetus for creating these modules was to provide the public mental health field with tools for communicating with direct care staff a “shared understanding” of the key components/competencies/principles of a transformed mental health system and to offer a historical perspective showing the transition from a traditional to a transformed model. 

Each module consists of a PowerPoint, with presenter notes; a page that outlines the learning objectives and outline for that module; a references document that lists all sources cited; and a post-test with multiple choice or true/false questions based upon information in the module.  Also, some of the modules include class exercises or videos.

In their current format, these modules are designed to be presented by informed trainers who can incorporate these materials within the trainings that are offered to direct care staff.  All of the modules can be presented together in a 2-3 day training, or they can be presented on a staggered basis for periodic staff trainings.  The modules can also be updated as new research or areas of focus related to the promotion of recovery/resiliency-oriented care become available.

Currently, there are 18 modules within this curriculum.  They are:

Module 1

Setting the Stage for Change

Module 2

Understanding Mental Health Conditions

Module 3

An Introduction to Recovery, Hope, and Resiliency

Module 4

Applying Concepts of Recovery: Guidelines for Recovery Oriented Systems

Module 5


Module 6

Cultural and Linguistic Competence

Module 7

Screening and Asessment

Module 8

Service Array and Coordination

Module 9

Peer Roles in Mental Health Settings

Module 10

Facillitating Recovery Through Communication

Module 11

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices

Module 12

Psychiatric Medication: Uses, Side Effects, and Practices

Module 13

Understanding Trauma-Informed Care

Module 14

Abuse and Neglect

Module 15

Overview of Medical/Physical Risk Factors in Persons with Mental Illnesses

Module 16

Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Module 17

Stakeholder Groups

Module 18

Stress Management and Self-Care