NASMHPD Prevention Center's webinar on Shield of Care: Suicide Prevention Model for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

The "Shield of Care" model is a groundbreaking suicide prevention curriculum designed specifically for staff that work in our nation’s juvenile justice facilities.  It is unique because it is tailored to the Juvenile Justice environment and emphasizes a system-focused model of preventing suicide. Specifically, the Shield of Care does the following: 1) it emphasizes that policy, connectedness to youth, and communication between staff are essential system-level elements of suicide prevention; 2) it teaches specific steps of effective suicide intervention (“Seeing, Protecting, Listening, Assessing, Networking”); and 3) it provides opportunities for staff to reflect on internal policies and to discuss strategies for overcoming potential barriers and “taking action” in their specific facility context. The Shield of Care is listed on the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's Best Practice Registry.  The presenters provide participants with an overview of this excellent model, as well as information on how to download all training materials. 


  • Lygia Williams, MA, Program Planner, Tennessee Office of Crisis and Suicide Prevention
  • Jeff Feix Ph.D.,  Director, Tennessee Office of Forensic & Juvenile Court Services

Date of webinar: July 16, 2013

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For questions or additional information about the webinar, please contact Pat Shea, Deputy Director, Office of Technical Assistance, NASMHPD.