Position Statements and Comment Letters


Position Statements and Policy Briefs
The position statements and policy briefs listed below help guide NASMHPD as it develops and promotes mental health policy. Each position statement and policy brief was reviewed and approved by the NASMHPD Board of Directors and then referred to and approved by the full NASMHPD membership.
NASMHPD Comments on the Energy and Commerce Committee Digital Health Care Initiative - 7/14
NASMHPD Policy Brief: Affordable Housing: The Role of the Public Behavioral Health System - 10/11
The Arizona Tragedy - 1/11
NASMHPD Policy Brief: Workforce and the Public Mental Health System - 1/11
NASMHPD Policy Brief: Health Information Technologies (HIT) and the Public Mental Health System - 12/10
NASMHPD Policy Brief: Financing and the Public Mental Health System - 12/10
Seclusion and Restraint Position Statement as Revised by NASMHPD Forensic Division and Accepted by NASMHPD Membership - 7/15/07
Smoking Policy and Treatment in State Operated Psychiatric Hospitals - 7/10/06
Housing and Supports for Individuals with Mental Illness - 7/10/05
Services and Supports to Trauma Survivors - 1/20/05
The Integration of Public Health Promotion and Prevention Strategies in Public Mental Health - 9/17/04
A Framework for Comprehensive State Mental Health Systems - 9/04
State Psychiatric Hospital Patient Cemeteries - 7/31/01
Mental Health Services in a Juvenile Justice Population - 4/01
Repeal of the Medicaid IMD Exclusion - 6/6/00
Culturally Competent and Linguistically Appropriate Mental Health Services - 6/6/00
Seclusion and Restraint -7/13/99
Services and Supports to Trauma Survivors - 12/7/98
Mental Health Block Grant Formula - 12/16/97
Laws Providing For the Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Criminal Offenders - 9/9/97
Insurance Discrimination Against Individuals with Mental Illness - 12/10/96
Employment and Rehabilitation for Persons with Severe Psychiatric Disabilities - 12/10/96
Statement on Performance Measures - 7/96
Consumer Contributions to Mental Health Service Delivery Systems - 12/89
Comment Letters

NASMHPD Comments on the Draft 2015-2018 Strategic Plan - 9/18/14

Model Legislation on Network Adequacy and Peer Support - 8/13/14

Recommended Behavioral Health Measures for Consideration - 7/25/14

NASMHPD Comments on the Energy and Commerce Committee Digital Health Care Initiative - 7/14

Comments on SAMHSA Public Listening Session on Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records - 6/24/14

S. 2009, Rural Veterans Improvement Act of 2013 - 3/15/14

Proposed Regulations: Medicare Program; Contract Year 2015 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Programs (CMS-4159-P) - 3/5/14

NASMHPD Comment Letter to the Senate Finance Committee Regarding Mental Health Finance Issues- 9/30/13

'Recommendations to Support Medicaid Behavioral Health Services' written by National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) - 10/9/13 Click Here