NASMHPD Prevention Center's webinar on Preventive Interventions for Parental Depression: An Opportunity not to be Missed

Over the past four decades, Dr. William R. Beardslee has developed and tested preventive interventions for families in which parents are depressed, and the webinar features a presentation by Dr. Beardslee on this key public health topic. He describes the risks for parental depression and discusses resilience, both in parents and children, in the face of parental depression. He then discusses the development of "Family Talk," an intervention which enables families through a six-session approach to be able to have a conversation about depression and how they will overcome it. "Family Talk" has received high rankings in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Dr. Beardslee touches on the research base, while also focusing on how clinicians and administrators can understand experiences of parents with depression and the experiences of children whose parents have depression and how to provide an effective preventive intervention for those children.

Finally, in addition to the original development of Family Talk (training for which is now available on-line) Dr. Beardslee also illustrates the adaptation of this approach for African American families and for Latino families, as well as its use in a teacher training and empowerment program for Head Start and Early Head Start teachers entitled "Family Connections." He makes the broader point that once an intervention is developed, it is essential that it be adapted to different cultural, ethnic and economic groups.


  • William R. Beardslee, M.D., Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Date of webinar: June 11, 2013

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